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Louise Norbye


Louise Norbye is the founder, designer and creator of N O R B Y E bags.

She is born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Both her parents were performing artists in the classical music business and from early on, she new that she was destined to follow their footsteps.

So she did and has worked as a professional singer since the early nineties, up until now, both in DK and UK.

Alongside her passion for singing and making music she’s always had a desire for creating something more tangible and concrete like clothing, furniture and leather bags, focusing on qualifying her technical skills and own design in order to make the design and handcraft go hand in hand.

Her fascination and inspiration lies in architecture, art, fashion and natures own aesthetic coexistence.

The passion lies not only in the creations, but to a large extent the choice of the place of origin of the raw skins, the welfare of the animals and the methods of tanning.

With climate change and its consequences, her mission is to be, if not the leading, then one of the leading bag design companies with a 100% sustainable profile. And it requires that deliveries, processing and manufacturing are based as locally as possible. And prescribes the best conditions for animals and climate.


At present, all manufacturing is done by herself in Copenhagen and in the future by producers within Europe.

Demeter-certified farmers in Switzerland where the animals spend most of the year in the swiss alps and live a healthy, long life and an old south German tannery where they use no chrome but only birch bark are delivering the hides for N O R B Y E´s bag production.

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