N O R B Y E is the designer and creator of exclusive bags and accessories. Beautiful surroundings for your personal belongings, everyday life companions that won't overshadow  

but only accentuate your personality. 


N O R B Y E will contribute to SUSTAIN the ABILITY for the aesthetic and ethical woman and man to adorn themselves with beautiful bags causing no environmental harm. 


N O R B Y E support this vision by offering high quality bags,

crafted BY HER OWN HANDS and made only in natural scandinavian materials which minimizes both the company's internal and external environmental costs


Louise Norbye was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark by performing artists in the music business and was destined to follow their footsteps.

She did and has worked as a professional singer since the early nineties, both in DK and UK.

Alongside her passion for singing and making music she’s always had a desire for creating something more tangible and concrete like clothing, furniture and leather bags, focusing on qualifying her technical skills and own design in order to make the design and handcraft go hand in hand.

Her fascination and inspiration lies in architecture, art, fashion and natures own aesthetic coexistence.

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